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Car Wash in Clearwater, Florida

Waxin' Willy's Inc. in Clearwater, Florida, is a professional automotive detailing and car wash company, offering quality services to ensure your vehicle always looks great.
Washing Car - Car Wash in , FL


Our full-service shop offers hand washing and drying of the vehicle, rims, and tires, vacuuming the interior, and cleaning the dash and console area. Windows are cleaned inside and out as well. The price starts at just $24.95 for most vehicles. Trucks and SUVs cost slightly more.

Hand washes offer a gentler process, and are better on the clear coat. We also offer an exterior-only service for $14.95, with slightly higher prices for trucks and SUVs.

Extra Services

Waxin' Willy's Inc. offers a variety of services in addition to detailing and washing. These services include:
• Pinstriping
• Window Tinting
• Overspray Removal
• Wet Sand Scratch Removal


We only use the best, professional-grade products, including Carnuba™ Paste Wax, clear coat polishes, foam and wool pad polishing, and dark car swirl removal.
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