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Interior & Exterior Car Detailing in Clearwater, Florida

When you need your vehicle to look its best, count on the car detailing service of Waxin' Willy's Inc., in Clearwater, Florida, to provide spotless interior and exterior detailing services.

Full Detail Package

Our full-car detail package includes:
• Hand Wash
• Cleaning Headliner
• Cleaning Carpets & Seats
• Cleaning Windows
• Wiping Dash & Door Panels
• Surface Penetrating Clay Bar
• Cleaning Rear Panels
• Cleaning Door Jambs
• Air-Blow Cracks & Crevices
• Cleaning Trunk Area
• Wheel & Tire Cleaning
• High-Speed Polish & Hand Wax
Car Interior - Detailing in , FL

What Is Detailing?

Detailing is used to preserve the look of a vehicle and to improve the resale value. A full-car detailing service may take 3.5 to 5 hours due to our thorough, bumper-to-bumper level of attention.

Exterior Detailing

Exterior detailing includes a hand wash and surface preparation using a clay bar. The finish is polished and hand waxed, the rims and tires are cleaned, and we provide complimentary interior vacuuming and wiping of the dash and console area. The windows will be cleaned as well. The price for most cars is $89.95, while trucks and SUVs are slightly more. The entire process takes 2 to 2.5 hours.
Those who own darker cars will want to have their vehicle detailed more often because it needs more maintenance to prevent swirls. Wash and wax services are available for $69.95 for most cars, with trucks and SUVs costing slightly more.

Interior Detail

Interior details include an exterior hand wash for the vehicle, rims, and tires, as well as cleaning of door and trunk jambs. Interior carpets, seats, dashboard, and door panels are cleaned, and high-pressure air is blown through cracks and crevices. The rear panels, headliner, trunk, and windows are cleaned as well. These services start at $89.95, with trucks and SUVs costing slightly more.
Contact us today in Clearwater, Florida, for more information about our interior and exterior car detailing services.